The Chronicles of Heaven's War: 
Sisters of the Bloodwind 
begins here with a prologue, presently none of the newest books have another prologue because this is the beginning of the Epic.

This book is dedicated to the silent sentinels who have sacrificed everything for us, the unknowing and uncaring, so that we may have a hope of a better future.  Without their assistance and protection, I doubt any freedom would still exist for mankind to enjoy.

*   *   *

                                      Table of Contents:


                                     Prologue (Below)

         Section One:    Destiny's Road
         Section Two:   Of Councils Great and Small

         Section Three: Legend's Heroes                          

         Section Four:   The Forges of Hell

         Section Five:    Silent Tombs


My children, you have asked me why your mother walks in the shadows of your world, seeking dark, quiet places.  You say she prefers songs of lament to cries of mirth and joy.  You wonder at her silence, her quiet moods and her distant stare.  Be patient, for her days of mourning have yet to pass.  

Though the century comets have returned a thousand times, she has not come to forget the suffering. And should they return a thousand times more, she will still be haunted by ghosts from long ago.  So, do learn from my story and come to understand.

To the days of long ago I will take you -
Before Shadow-walkers roamed the  forests and hills,
Before the daughters of Tolohe danced beside the firelight,
Yes, before your people took a breath.
That is where I will transport you -
Into an age without light, filled with despair,
To a time when hope was little more than bitter faith.
You shall see things and you will become afraid.
Then you will comprehend,
And insight will grow in your minds.
Your mother you will gain empathy for,
Your mother you will begin to understand.

Your mother you will start to know.

So journey with me, my children of innocence.  I will teach you the way it was then.  And if my children should fail to learn, the Darkening Age may well come again.  So be silent and listen.  Gain wisdom and live.

*  *  *

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