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1-001- 'The Beginning or Ending of all things...’

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‘To reach the beginning, you must start in the middle,
And to attain the finish, you must comprehend all things.
Time goes ever forward,
But knowledge learns always from the past.’  -  ZoeStethos

‘The child has arrived and is hurrying on to an uncertain destiny.  Today will prove to be the beginning or ending of all things...’

The person sat back, eyes aching from haunting visions of twisted destinies, head pounding because of a distorted musical uncertainty playing its disenchanting melodies, along with a heart being overwhelmed with dread concerning future days.

All life hung upon a thread - the choice of a moment, the beat of a troubled heart… and little could the Maker of Worlds do than trust it to the wisdom of a very impetuous child who drew now ever closer to this uncertain destiny.

Chimes of the great clock sounded in the person’s ears.  How many times had it called out to the distress of nations?  How many children could no longer hear the beautiful music it made?  Was it ten million, a hundred million, maybe more?  This one, sitting back waiting for the arrival of a treasured, precious child, did not recall.  What the person did know was that the belly of hell was not yet satisfied.

With head shaking from side to side, tears began.  Should the Empire win this coming conflagration, even though the child may prove wise, many times those who had already gone to their deaths would fall to Wrath’s coming storms.  Should they lose?  Well, that could not be allowed, even if it cost the lives of all the children of the Empire…the universe.

The person stood, walking onto a balcony, looking down on a jungle of greenery seen nowhere else but here, the lone remaining peaceful bastion in this tempestuous universe.

Sighing quiet remorse that no others were allowed to sense, a musical cry of dismay went out to the breeze, a cry of bitter lament from a ‘wanton heart that sought only selfish cravings to never feel alone’.
“Lo, foolish dreamer, your wish come true,
To sense the world with heart imbued.
Doth now the vial of bitter brew,
Its caustic taste your heart renew?

And now Rhiannon in oath does take,
To bind her children to an evil fate.
For should the world be made anew,
It first must pass through this witch’s brew.”

The person looked off toward the sound of the great clock as it chimed its last refrain.  Then, with head bent down in sadness, this Maker of Worlds turned and slowly retreated into the darkness of hidden rooms to await the  of the coming Fates.

*    *    *

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

2-026, '. . . ArdonAzubahKenath?'

Section Two

Of Councils Great and Small

Piercing eyes studied the solitary figure sitting quietly in a distant corner of a great chamber called the ‘Hall of Assembly’, political strategy room since the beginning of the Rebellion.  Those eyes squinted in wondering question, ‘So, this is the wisest of councilors, personal advisor to the Maker of Worlds?  Doddered, unkempt, nervous… Who really is this man, ArdonAzubahKenath?  He looks more the part of an Eastern slave merchant awaiting his next client, and he has just recently returned from one of his mysterious deep space sojourns.  This person deserves closer scrutiny.’

‘Ardon’, as he was more often called, had been sitting in the Hall of Assembly for nearly an hour, it being his custom to arrive early so as to observe others entering, and to not be observed, himself.  

Thursday, January 8, 2015

3-051, Hidden Melodies Play

Section Three

A happy, crackling fire spewed forth a shower of golden sparks as the hickory log erupted in a blaze of light.  Shadows danced to and fro across rough-hewn timber walls, leaving much of the room hidden in darkness.  But the fire was warm and the building sound, creating a warm, cozy feeling that all was well even though the winter winds outside, a fright, should blow.

And blow they did.  The driving snow pelted the tiny windows while the howling wind battered the door with its angry fury.  Yet, for the lone figure slowly rocking back and forth before the glowing hearth, all was at peace, the snapping and popping of the roaring fire and the ‘creak-creak’ of the old wicker chair the only melody coming to the person’s ears.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

4-076, "Butterfly Wings A Firestorm Brings . . ."

Section Four

“Can a butterfly flapping its wings on one side of a planet eventually lead to a typhoon on the other?”  

Questions such as these are often thrown out by armchair-philosophers when they cannot think of logical responses to reasonable questions.  Still…is it not true that very small, miniscule causes often, in time, produce astronomical effects?

No better example of this can be found than the union of two very tiny cells that join to create a new life.  From one fertilized egg no bigger than the head of a pin have come all the great orators, poets, and leaders known to our universes.  In their turn, the worlds of men have been changed for better or worse.

On a warm summer evening, while balmy breezes drifted in from the sea and the gentle glow of the waxing moon filtered down through the tamarisk trees, a young maiden offered her love to her strong, handsome beau.  Their passionate embrace was not unlike that shared by countless other lovers throughout the lives of men, and with similar results.