Friday, September 19, 2014

1-015- '. . . The Metallic Monster'

In one violent kick, Mihai managed to roll right, reefing the gun barrel toward the metallic monster.  She pulled the trigger, energy exploding from the muzzle, shredding the holster and sending a searing wall of fire down along the length of her leg into her attacker.  After blasting a hole in the droid’s armor, she quickly pulled the gun from its holster and fired a second charge into its open rupture.  The infernal machine belched acrid smoke and crashed into the dirt.

Mihai’s head spun in pain, but there was no time to take account of the injury.  The guard droid undoubtedly sent a signal to the outpost.  Soon the place would be swarming with others, and not droids this time.

She staggered to her feet, struggling to stand, fighting a numbing ache in her back, her right arm hanging limp and in pain.  She could feel warm, sticky blood oozing down her back, and there were already large red stains in the dirt.  Taking a step, the woman cried out in agony.  
She glanced down to see pieces of her flight-suit flaking away from her left leg, leaving gaping holes in the silver material.  The air stunk with the smell of charred flesh.  Fighting back a dizzying sickness trying to overtake her, she shook her head. ‘They’ll know who’s been here when the blood’s tested. No time to worry about that now.’  She needed to get away.

Whirring of servos alerted Mihai to the fact there was more than one guard droid.  She didn’t even have the strength to lift her head and look in the monster’s direction.  There was nothing to do now but wait to die.  Mihai remembered little else.  The sound of metal smashing into metal filled her ears, and then silence, no servos, nothing.

Mihai dreamed she was falling, only to be caught up in strong arms and carried aloft on wings, or so it felt.  After an eternity of silent flight, the woman came to her fighter, floated through the open cockpit and into the seat.  Just before the canopy snapped shut, a voice fell on her ears.  “Be well, my Lord.” . . .

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