Friday, September 19, 2014

1-013- 'Pretending . . .'

True to her promise, Darla delivered a splendid-looking gown to her sister.  Mihai grinned with delight, striking different poses for the mirror.  Each movement caused the sky-blue silky cloth to dance this way and that.  She stopped in a pose, standing at an angle, hands gracefully outstretched and curtsied.  “Hello, my Lord PalaHar.  It is such a pleasure to have your acquaintance this evening.”  She laughed and turned, repeating her action.  “Well, well, my Lord Ardon, does our wise councilor approve of my attire?”

Pretending she was arrived at the coming council meeting, Mihai offered her gracious salutations to several others she expected to meet there.  The tingling sensation of the fabric on her skin and the way it floated up like a billowing cloud as she turned made the woman laugh.  As her feeling of sensuality grew, she began to slowly dance to a tune in her head. 

A young, flirting maiden suddenly appeared in the mirror.  “Why certainly you may not kiss me, you cad!  When my lover hears of this, he will thrash you with his scolding tongue!”  She bowed again.  “Yes!  Yes, the dinner has been so fine.  Never have I tasted truffles prepared so splendidly.”

Closing her eyes, the girl flung her arms out and head back as she gracefully twirled on one foot.  She did not see the mesmerizing beauty in the mirror, or the feminine charms she revealed.  Firm, toned muscles, accented by the woman’s full, round features and milky-white skin enhanced her appeal.  Her breasts bounced in rhythm to her moves as her buttocks rippled in tight little waves as she shifted her weight from one long sinewy leg to the other.  What a sight!  Oh, what a sight!

Spinning around one final time, Mihai stopped and, with a lissome move, bowed before the admiring audience.  She peered into the mirror, examining the face staring back.  Most pronounced were the piercing blue eyes, accented by golden eyebrows crowning a strong forehead.  The face was misleading for, at first glance, one could see the semblance of a child not yet out of her teens.  A closer look revealed a sharpness like hewn stone, weathered by the ages.

High cheekbones, a long, straight-bridged nose and a determined jaw gave Mihai a hardened, proud appearance of a noble leader, while her full-bodied, rose-colored lips and compassionate countenance suggested a guileless maiden.  Whichever way a person chose to view her, there was no denying the breathtakingly handsome beauty this woman possessed.

Satisfied, Mihai stood upright and did a half turn, striking another pose.  Laughing, she snapped her head around to observe her stance, making her golden tresses float high in the air, revealing hidden secrets.  The laughter died from her lips when what she saw resurrected painful memories.

Slowly, she reached behind her back to pull the golden tresses aside for another look.  A jagged scar started at the base of her neck and trailed to the right, across the shoulder blade, and down her rib cage.  And what had she accomplished from the near fatal experience?  Nothing!  Her kidnapped sister was still not free, and now her traitorous brother was making a big, diplomatic ‘to-do’ about it. . .

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