Friday, September 19, 2014

1-019, 'We are hungry! We are hungry!'

Mihai’s thoughts conjured up visions creeping from dark corners of her mind into this waking moment.  There suddenly appeared heaps of bodies, torn and mangled.

In horror, she watched while her fingers went probing open wounds, seeking bloody flesh to satisfy an insatiable hunger.  While Mihai’s stomach churned in sickness, her lips smacked with anticipation, squealing, “Is this all there is?!  Are these tiny morsels all you have delivered?!  How are we to survive on such paltry rations?!  We are hungry!  We are hungry!”

Mihai shook her head violently to drive the ugly dream away.
With many curses and outcries, the demon slowly crawled back to its hiding place, threatening a return. It would come again.  It had promised.  She dropped her head in dismay.  How much longer could this continue on before the mist of insanity would completely envelop her?  Did she have a day…a year…an hour?

A bitter chill swept the room, raising an army of goose bumps marching across Mihai’s sweaty skin.  She involuntarily shivered, more from the encounter with her monster within than from the cold.  There was no more wondering which of Destiny’s roads she was to take.  One and only one path lay open.  It was no longer a matter of choice.  The time had come for her to speak of this while a small piece of innocence still resided within her heart, while she still retained mastery of her own mind.

It was time to leave.  No longer did this room…this little world of her youth… have the power to drive away the evil.  She was the evil.  It was a part of her living being.  Until it was driven away or destroyed, it would be part of her.  There was no longer any need to hide from it.  No place could protect her.  Mihai gritted her teeth.  She was determined to become whatever she must in order to defeat this enemy.

Standing, Mihai reached for her officer’s cape and cloaked the beauty of the dress.  She faced the door, willing to endure any storm that might come.  Lifting her head high and throwing her shoulders back, the woman marched into the courtyard.  No longer was she going to seek shelter from her fate.  What tomorrow would bring, what battles there were to confront, no matter the results, they were going to be faced head on!

*    *    *

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