Friday, September 19, 2014

1-017, '. . .An Energy Gun'

Other than a nuisance pain when moving her arm, the scar was the only evidence of the droid’s attack, but the lanner blast was different.  Skin was now covering the burns that had eaten into her leg muscles, but the rejuvenating nerves itched and ached.  She was well aware the pain would exist long after the red blotches disappeared.  Even with the use of healing machines, nerves took a long time to heal.

Mihai considered herself very fortunate. The weapon she carried that day - her design - was an energy gun.  

It activated a chemical compound ignited by an electrical discharge passing across the gun’s chamber, decomposing a portion of a stable agent suspending the very unstable mendelevium.  The greater the voltage across the pellet, the faster the breakdown of the stable agent, thus the greater the energy delivered to the target.  The power released could easily be controlled by adjusting the voltage capacitor.  This lanner had a thumb lever for quick adjustment, giving its user the choice of stunning someone with a heat blast to instantly dissolving flesh from the bone.

Mihai shuddered.  Had her leg been bent at the knee and received a more direct blast, surgeons would have been forced to amputate her lifeless leg.  To regrow the bone, tendons, nerves and flesh could take years, even with healing machines.

She sadly walked from the mirror, the little girl having been chased away by the gloomy memories and sat on the edge of her bed, staring down at her hands.  The woman became introspective, searching inside herself for answers to questions unasked… unasked out of fear… fear of what might be revealed.  The time was now passed for such self-indulgence, for remaining in the world of pleasant indecision.  Choices had to be made.  To keep her sanity, changes were necessary.

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