Friday, September 19, 2014

2-032, Shikkeron the Ship

Bedan nodded, afraid to explain that the Shikkeron was a ship, not a boat.

Releasing Bedan’s grip, Ardon nodded,  “Yes, yes, some kind of a brigantine, isn’t it?  I recall it was in service during the Three Hundred Year War, resurrected out of the scrap yard for use in the Great War.  So it still flies…?  Interesting… interesting.”

Nodding, Bedan added, “Was refitted some dozen years ago, into an imperial brigantine… a much heavier ship, Lord Ardon, almost up to frigate class now.”

“Good.  Good.”  Ardon replied.  Having no desire to hear further about the matter, he changed the subject.  “So… er… Captain… er Bedan, what brings you so far from your duties?  Who’s tending your bo… er, ship now?”

Bedan smiled, standing straight.  “She’s here, at the spaceport, I mean.  Orders… came down from the top.”

Ardon leaned forward, looking up at Bedan, squinting.  “Really…?  And you…?  What are you doing here?”

The nervousness returned to Bedan’s voice.  “From Mother, directly from her.  She summoned me not six weeks ago.  Just got here today, running full out, making smoke all the way just to get here on time.”

Ardon frowned, asking, “Why?  What’s so spec…” He caught himself, asking more politely.  “What does Mother want from you that requires your presence here?”

Bedan shook his head.  “I don’t know, my Lord.  Mother didn’t say.  I thought you might know, you being so important on her council and all.”

Feeling flustered to think that Ma-we was keeping secrets from him but unwilling to reveal those facts to someone like Bedan, Ardon swept his hand in a motion that signified unimportance, replying, “The world is troubled over so many trivial matters, there is not time to discuss this at the moment.  I’m sure Mother had good reason.”  He looked up to see Admiral NikaoEimi enter the chambers.  Wishing to dismiss Bedan without being rude, he pointed,  “There’s the commander of the Second Fleet… Navy, you know.  Maybe he can tell you.”  Then attempting to show interest, he added,  “If you find out something important, please let me know.”

Bedan bowed low, thanking Ardon for his time, and then hurried over to speak with the admiral.

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