Friday, September 19, 2014

2-028, '. . . Learn A Little Humility’

Ma-we had brushed off Ardon’s arguments, saying, ‘It would be good for some to learn a little humility.’ she eyeing him carefully as it was spoken, then, bouncing from her chair, her golden tresses drifting high into the afternoon breeze, politely dismissing him, replying as she turned, ‘The hour is upon us when humility may not only save the soul, but may well preserve the heart.  It’s time some of my children learned that, ArdonZoiathenBethy, man who sees little use for the titmouse.’

Ardon scratched his chin over Mother’s final words, the name she called him.  For hundreds of millennia he had been called ArdonAzubahKenath, ‘man of stones’.  At least it was the name’s original meaning.  Ardon ignored the less noble ‘the man who abandons the festival of the winds and hides himself in the misty caves’ that many of his younger sisters came to attach to it.  And that was another thing.  His mind wandered…  For all his age and wisdom, he being one of the most ancient of the children, he never was able to understand women at all - that was, except for Tashi.

Craning his neck, he scanned the room.  Tashi, governor of the Trizentine colonies, was supposed to be here this evening.  He searched carefully to see if she had made her arrival yet and been missed.  Satisfied it was not the case, the man settled back in his chair, watching the door, but his mind became distracted in seeking the reason for Mother’s name-calling.

“Hello there, sweet one!”  Startled, Ardon looked up just in time to have two soft hands cradle his face and two full, moist lips smack his.  Eyes opened wide in surprise, Ardon stared dumbly into Tashi’s face.

Leaning back, Tashi studied the perplexed fellow who was still trying to get his bearings.  She frowned, shaking her head.  “I’ve come all the way from the Trizentine, holding my passions in check in anticipation of this coming night to be spent with my lover and you have nothing to say to me?  Tsk, tsk.  Maybe I should have accepted that captain’s request to wile away some quiet hours with him.”  She pulled Ardon’s face close as she bent forward again, planting another kiss on him.

While sheepishly stuttering his hellos, Ardon glanced around the room, concerned that others might have seen or heard Tashi’s amorous advances.  Satisfied none had, he relaxed and, taking her hands in his, smiled, replying quietly, “It is good to see you, too, Governor…”

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