Friday, September 19, 2014

2-033, SymeonKephim His Friend

Heaving a sigh of relief, Ardon settled back in his chair, glad to see the admiral was now being troubled with that ‘nuisance officer’.

“Lord Ardon...”

Surprised, Ardon looked up to see Symeon’s smiling face as he approached, hand outstretched.  Ardon stood, grinning.  “You snuck in on me, my friend.  SymeonKephim!  So good to see you.”

Now here was a man in whose company Ardon felt quite comfortable.  Delivered here from the Second Realm, Symeon and his fellow brethren from that wild place were most acceptable companions and conversationalists.  True, they usually, and willingly, spent most of their time in his presence, listening – something Ardon relished.  They did, though, have interesting anecdotal opinions that were worth considering.  And Symeon… he so much reminded Ardon of Mihai in her younger days, so filled with excitement and that impetuous spirit, always in a hurry, so full of life.

After a warm greeting, Ardon patted Symeon’s shoulder, asking, “Has our councilor to the Lady been kept busy this day…?  You know, with all kinds of court business and important governmental matters?”

Symeon shook his head.  “No, my Lord Ardon, Mihai has secluded herself away all day, even choosing to spend some quiet hours with a few close acquaintances for sup.  My Lady informed us - Paul, Jonathan, and me - of very little, other than we should expect the unexpected this eve, something I find so curious.  She’s usually so open and direct with us.”

‘So…Mother was keeping many secrets this day.’  Ardon nodded approvingly, being informed concerning Mihai’s new kingship and Trisha’s promotion to field marshal.  It made him feel good to think he was so highly trusted that Mother should reveal secrets to him, yet hide them from others.  Still… he did not know everything.

“Tell me, please, Symeon, my friend.” Ardon asked, probing for added information.  “Did our Lady say with whom she was to sup?”

“No.”  Symeon lowered his eyes in thought, shaking his head.  “When she called me earlier this eve, her voice was filled with subdued excitement.  She asked me if I would be sure to arrive early to the council because she had a surprise.  Then she apologized about missing her late luncheon and that plans were now made to dine with special friends.  So!  I’m here early, but I don’t see her or her surprise as of yet.”

Patting Symeon again, Ardon grinned, nodding, “Oh, I think you will like the surprise.”  He winked.  “It is a good one, you know, a good one.”

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