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2-035, My Loyal Apprentice

“Now you will see…” Ardon firmly clasped Zadar’s hands while he spoke.  “What you do is all fine and good, but it is such a waste, such a waste.  You are so smart, savvy, I mean.  You would do so well as a member of Mother’s council.

I have clout, you know.  Mother would listen to me, you know.  Of course, you will have to start out as my loyal apprentice… for a little while, of course, until you got the hang of things.  But for you, it wouldn’t take long before your voice would be heard in the assembly.  And… and, with your military experience, you have a lot to bring to the table.”

Zadar, a diplomat in his own right, thanked Ardon, nodding, “Your wisdom I shall seriously consider, Papa.  The hour is coming, soon, when your ways will be put to the test.  I hope to be there to see their outcome.  Mother has hinted to me that such a thing might take place.”

Grinning, Ardon tenderly kissed Zadar on the cheek.  “You make me proud, son, very proud.”

“Watch out for him, boy!  He’ll make a ‘wuss’ out of you, and then some!”

Ardon and Zadar turned to see a giant of a man, dressed up in an admiral’s uniform, gingerly approaching.

The man, smiling, added, “Make ‘wusses’ of us all…  Right, Ardon, old fellow?”

Frowning, Ardon sputtered, “Admiral Euroaquilo, I do not appreciate such…”

Ignoring Ardon, Euroaquilo clasped Zadar’s hand, grinning, “Good to see you, my boy!  Good to see you!”  He stared at his uniform, commenting, “Well, well, so that’s the snazzy style of dress for the new army?  You look good in it.  Not as good as your navy pilot’s duds, but still mighty fine.”

Caught by surprise, and somewhat embarrassed – a rare moment for the fellow – Zadar stuttered, “It… it… it’s…was… is a gift from Mother.”  Regaining his composure, he added,  “This was delivered to me upon my arrival, me being told to wear it at this evening’s council.  I was told that I was to take leave of the Fourth Fleet and join with the new army commander, but wasn’t told who.  Asked Mihai about it tonight at supper, but she spoke not a word concerning it.”

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