Friday, September 19, 2014

2-036, Secrets Shared

Ardon, put off by Euroaquilo, knowing it was done on purpose to irk the fellow, interrupted, asking, “You had dinner with Mihai?”

Euroaquilo ignored Ardon, bullying his way in with another question of his own.  “So where is that sister of yours?  Heard you kept some pretty close company since the two of you arrived.”  He stole a glance at Ardon, whose face was filled with surprise and trepidation.

Still stealing glances at Ardon, he asked Zadar, “So, have you seen our girl lately?  I was hoping to catch up with her sometime while I was visiting.”

Before Zadar could reply, Ardon interrupted, clutching Euroaquilo’s arm, “Now see here, Admiral…there are many other, more important matters to discuss this evening than that child.  There is great need of clear minds at this council.  We have many other, more important matters to discuss than her!”

Euroaquilo smiled and shrugged.  “Have it your way, Lord Councilor.  I just wondered where I could find her.”

Well!”  Ardon harrumphed. “I suggest you search for her after this night’s events.  I’m sure you will find her slinking around one of the darkened taverns at that late hour!”

Euroaquilo stared down at Ardon, slowly shaking his head.  “My, my, you are an old fuss tonight, aren’t you?”  Although put off a little by Ardon’s brashness, he continued on with some lighthearted conversation, catching up on the local gossip and chatting about some of the others at the council.

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