Friday, September 19, 2014

2-042, Life-threatening Encounter

Mihai, fearing the worst should time delay the coming moment, awkwardly stepped forward and in front of Darla, posturing, “My dear Lord Ardon!”

She faked an innocent smile, the scent of a growing tempest flaring her nostrils.  “My dear Lord Ardon.  How is my Lord doing tonight?  It is such a pleasure to be graced by your company, your wise counsel at this eve’s council being deeply appreciated.”

“My Lady, I am doing splendidly.”  Ardon stammered, nervously glancing toward Darla, sighing in relief at seeing her forced composure.  “And you… you do look so beautiful this night.  May I offer to you whatever services I have available to me?”

Mihai thanked him, pressing his hands with hers while placing a gentle kiss on his lips, she adding, “The day may well come when I call out to you for them.”

Mihai’s interruption had gathered its magic to the moment and saved Ardon from a dangerous, possibly life-threatening encounter. 
Darla had fought down her ‘madness,’ regaining quiet control. 

Just how Mihai and certain others tolerated this creature was beyond him.  This was not the first time he had witnessed it nor, he feared, would it be the last.  As Mihai continued on with her pleasantries, his mind flashed back to the day of his return to Palace City just after Mihai’s attempted murder.

There he was, consoling Mother, he leaning over her, they hugging each other, lost in the cries and wails of lament, when little six-year-old Darla entered the room.  In a vicious, blind rage, the girl screeched and lunged forward, tearing and biting at the ‘monster’ attacking her mother.  It took weeks for the wounds to heal and many more for the scars to go away.  It pained him, even now, just recalling that attack.  Although the event was almost six millennia ago, it appeared to Ardon that Darla never forgot, her hatred for him only growing until, again, after the Great War he had been confronted by her, only to be saved that time by Euroaquilo.  No!  The girl was a menace and a danger!  Why Mother put up with her was beyond his understanding, and why she had been invited here – on this night – was even a greater mystery.

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