Friday, September 19, 2014

2-045, Ardon, Darla, Zadar, Planetee . . .

Ardon did not hate Darla.  He was ridden with a deep inner sadness concerning her.  Still, one was to consider the welfare of the people over one person no matter the cost to that being.  At least that was how Ardon viewed matters.

And then there was Zadar, the youngest of all the children.  Darla loved him from the start, acting as much his protector as she did for Ma-we.  And Zadar? 

Real Art?!

As he grew in stature and manhood, his devotion deepened for his sister to the point of what some came to view as worship of his older sister.  To this day it was wisdom to not criticize her while in Zadar’s presence.

And the things Mother allowed Darla and her other children to get away with bothered Ardon so. The last time he was almost attacked by Darla, the last time she had spoken to him, some forty years before, the woman had been in a drunken stupor.  At least tonight he had smelled none of the strong drink on her like he had Planetee.

Why Mother put so much trust in Planetee he did not know.  True, she was an Ancient, but there were limits and responsibilities.  More than once he had witnessed that woman crawling up the Palace steps, reeking with the stink of strong wine and vomit.  Never once had Mother turned her away, much to Ardon’s disgust.  Planetee was one of Mihai’s closest councilors and confederates in war.  He feared so often for Mihai’s well-being because of her.  Still, Planetee was a force to be reckoned with, and he felt he was not up to that task.  He turned his attention back to Darla.

It was true that Darla lived in a world of satanic madness and pain that was not of her making.  And it was true that Ardon’s unkempt appearance and long, disheveled hair caused some of Darla’s actions.  Still, the woman should be watched more closely, especially in a gathering like this.  Who knew if the serious matters discussed this night might not bring out the monster in her anew?  He must remain alert to the possibility. He must act as the peoples’ protector if no one else would.

At that moment a fellow councilor called to him.  He stood, smiling, and extending a hand, sauntered over to the man.

*    *    *

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