Friday, September 19, 2014

2-048, Winter Gardens' Door

Just then, Governess Anna entered the main doorway, accompanied by two other court officials.  Mihai pointed.  “See that door?  Only the actors came in the way that overlooks the Winter Gardens.  The audience always entered from up there, behind us.”  She waved her hand in the direction of the upper deck and beyond where a set of double entrance doors were now sealed closed.  “We would come down these steps… they were lighted, of course, because the chamber was usually hidden in blackness awaiting the play… then we would shuffle our way along the different rows of seating.  When the lights came up, oh, what a thrill!  You would never know what sights awaited anxious eyes.”

Darla studied the surroundings, fitting Mihai’s tales into what she was seeing.  “A person must have been pretty special to get an invite here.  There’s only seating for about three hundred or so.  You must have been pretty special to come here so often.  I’ve only been here once before, and that only on business… like tonight.”

Mihai squeezed Darla’s arm.  “No one ever comes here anymore unless it is on business.  And yes, I was special, just like every other young child of Mother’s.  This is where she showed them off to their older siblings.  She made them feel special.  I’m sorry that those days were gone before you had your hour of magic here.  I…”

Darla sourly interrupted.  “I’m made to feel special all right.  Every chance they get, someone makes me feel special!”

Mihai took Darla’s hand and looked into her face.  Her voice was gentle but chastising.  “There is reason why you have been gifted with the name ‘RachelOchranNohah’ (lit. ‘the ewe that makes trouble her resting place’).”

Darla stiffened, peering into Mihai’s eyes.  At length, after seeing no malice, she answered,  “Old fools sit on old councils dreaming old dreams!  They care not for understanding or insight.  They pine wistfully for the past and torture any who do not understand such useless dreams.  I have been gifted that name by the very fools who do not wish to forget the past, nor remember the deeds of today’s heroes.”

Mihai nodded.  “Be that as it may, your actions here this eve were out of line, supporting the argument that you have been gifted the name you rightfully deserve.”

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