Friday, September 19, 2014

3-052, Rusty Prison's Breach

Above the unyielding pitch of the blizzard, distinct sounds of hard-soled boots on tired wooden stair treads echoed across the room.  The person seated in the rocker appeared to pay no notice, continuing rocking to the little tune being hummed.  ‘No hurry… No worry now… The night is young… The night is very young…

The heavy iron handle began its mournful cry as rusty tumblers resisted being awakened by a determined hand seeking the latch’s surrender, allowing the hidden power escape from the fury of the night.  ‘Sha… Clack!’  The ancient bolt broke free of its rusty prison, surrendering up the door to the whims of the night.  With glee, the winter winds pummeled that door, seeking to breech the walls of one unconquered fortress in this vast desolate world.

With great effort, a hand held fast the tempest, engaging in a contest for the gate.  A struggle ensued, the winds beating relentlessly against flesh and wood, seeking to best the lone sentinel refusing it to pass.  At length the battle ended, the warrior taking control of the pass, entering the warm solitude of the comfy cabin, but not before the storm’s flanking guard managed a coup by slipping between the legs of their protagonist and sending a chilling blast into the room.

The fire roared to life, sending a swirl of sparks upward and through the hewn stone chimney.  Its flames, in defense of the warmth it had birthed, roared high, driving down the bitter winds to defeat and consuming any of the chilling breeze that stood defiantly before it.  ‘Slam!’ went the door, quickly followed by the crack of the bolt being driven home, securing the latch.  At that, the winter tempest began a howling of angry frustration that lasted several minutes, but it was to no avail.  The battle was lost.

The mouse nervously peered out from behind an old musty trunk, still holding close in tiny paws its cheesy treasure.  It watched closely, eyeing with trepidation the giant standing in the shadows at the edge of the fire’s light.  Nary did the giant move, not until tiny rivers of water and chunks of melting snow falling from cleated boots puddle the floor upon which it stood.  Still, the person rocking said nothing, watching intently with sea-green eyes the crimson blaze beyond the hearth.  At long last, the tiny furry creature tired the wait and turned its attention to the cheese, keeping a wary eye on possible danger while savoring the feast secured in its grasp.

At length, still tingling from the cold, the newly arrived visitor strode toward the fire, extending chilled hands while stamping frozen boots to free them of any remaining ice.  As the person stood there, rubbing life into numb fingers, a voice quietly asked,  “Did you slip away unnoticed?”

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