Friday, September 19, 2014

4-077, A Pretty One

“Isn’t she a pretty one!   I’d like to fancy whoring w’th the likes o’ her for a n’ght!”

“You best leave that lovely alone, Perk!” Protested the grimy, balding man known as ‘Tanner’.  He was standing next to Perk, also peering into the cell.  “She’s saved for the party tomorrow and if you ‘ert her, me and you will be dog food ‘fore the next nightfall.”

Perk glowered at Tanner.  “Stop your whining, ya’ ol’ bastard, or I’l rip yor own guts aut an feed ‘em ta the dogs, meself!  No one’s goin’ ta hurt the pretty, but if opportunity should just happen to come ta ‘ave some fun – well… we’s just’l ‘ave ta watch an sees – won’t we?”

Tanner backed away from Perk and shut his mouth.  He had worked with him in the prison for many years and didn’t doubt a word said by him.  He was afraid of Treston, captain over the governor’s personal guard, including the prison, but Perk terrified him. Perk was not only a senior prison custodian; he loved his job.  He took pleasure in his work, and the pain he could inflict on others he called his ‘bonus pay.’  As he eyed the child huddled in the corner of the stinking cell, his nostrils flared and a greasy drool dribbled off his jowls.

Perk reached his arm out and put it around Tanner’s shoulder.  Then he drew the older man up close to him so that their noses almost touched.  With a semi-toothless grin, he hissed in a hushed whisper, “I don’t knows about you, but I ain’t never seen nothin’ like what’s in there in here ‘afore.  In my whole life’s dreams, there hain’t niver come to me somthin’ as sweet as that thing in there.  If hell come tomorrer for me, it ‘uld be worth it.  I’m achin’ already for it, an’ that pretty can make the achin’ go away.”

Then lowering his voice even more, his eyes glowing with lust, Perk continued, “Now Tanner, my bosom fr’nd, we has worked heres a lon’ time.  I has always shared with you.  I’l save you some.  Why I’l even guard the doors while you fun w’th her.”  He paused in thought, his eyes staring at the ceiling.  “I can make it wurth yor while – wurth our while.  Now goes about yor w’rk, and keep that flapper a yors buttoned up.”

Tanner’s eyes showed his fear.  Perk knew he would keep quiet.  Tanner turned away from Perk and went about feeding the prisoners.  Perk opened the cell door and entered.  On the floor, a dirty dish sat in maggot-infested filth.  He threw down some moldy bread, then, with a cup, reached into a greasy pot, took out some lukewarm slop and poured it into the dish.  He cast a longing look at the girl in the corner and broke into a hideous grin, hissing, “Eat up, darlin’, best the feast is what yu g’t fer yer last sup.  An’ try ta rest som, fer a l’ng night’s comin’.”

He turned, exited the chamber and slammed the door shut.  Stopping, Perk swung around and pushed his nearly toothless, grinning face up to the bars and blew a little kiss.  “Sweet dr’ms, pretty.”  He walked away down the hall, his whistling growing fainter until it could not be heard.

*    *    *

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