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4-079, Attacking A Goddess

Not only did this woman have an astonishingly attractive face, her other features were of equal grandeur.  Ishtar’s hair was a brilliant orange-red.  In the lantern light, it radiated red, then gold, copper, and back to red.  Her ‘perfect’ figure was enhanced by a silky-smooth, light olive-colored skin, while the dancing shadows made the girl’s generous curves and firm breasts appear as those of a goddess come to earth.

Perk was aghast. “Well I …well ain’t that …sooo.”  He dropped his eyes pondering his good fortune.  Drooling like a hungry beast, he grinned.  “I bet you ain’t never had it ‘afore neither, ‘av ya?”

Hooting, Perk turned to the others and asked,  “What’s she worth now, gentermen?  Clean as the driv’n snow.  What will yu pay to be the first driv’r?  A goddess, no less.”

The things that happened after that were blurry. Aside from the explosive pain rending through her head, and the burning agony in her belly, she could remember little detail except for Perk. 

He was brutal.  His animalistic abuse was beyond description.  The more she cried out, the more intense the pain he would inflict.  When she resisted, he would beat her until she would nearly pass out.  After he had finished, she lay on the floor, her eyes rolled back in her battered head, oozing blood from her nose, and ears.

Tanner was petrified with fear.  He believed the child was going to die from Perk’s abuse.  Perk shouted for him to shut up and went after the child again.

After thoroughly exhausting himself, he forced Tanner to perform the final insult to her.  When he declined, Perk angrily threatened.  “You’d better get it up, or I’l cut it off!”  Taking Tanner by the shirt, he pulled him into the cell, flinging him at the crumpled body on the floor.  He then mocked him.  “You’ll kill her!  You’ll kill her!”

Tanner timidly obeyed, finishing his deed as quickly as possible.  The girl quietly moaned but offered no resistance.  When finished, he jumped up, and while still fastening his clothes, scurried away.

Laughing, Perk shouted after him, “If the lit’le bitch dies now, you’ll ‘ang for it, too!”

The other men had long since retreated to their own hiding places.  If the girl was going to die, they wanted to be a far way from the scene.  They were well aware how much value Treston placed on her appearance in front of the emperor’s magistrate the coming day.

Perk lingered a while, staring at the body sprawled in the corner.  He slowly turned to go, stopping in the door for another look.  Ishtar opened her eyes only to meet his.  They were now filled with malice and rage.

He kicked the filth from the floor in her direction, cursing.  “And damned be your god, too!”  He stormed away, down the passageway, taking the lantern with him.  Soon the shroud of the darkness enveloped her.

Ishtar struggled to her knees only to be caught in nauseous convulsions.  Driven by uncontrolled heaves, hot liquid forced its way up her throat and out her mouth.  As the child gasped for air, a shooting pain racked her body, racing up her back and exploding into a million stabbing spears at the base of the girl’s skull.  In a muffled scream, she pitched forward, falling face down into the filth and dirt.

*    *    *

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