Friday, September 19, 2014

4-093, Freedom's Choice Decides

Ishtar was not swagged.  “I have a right to know!  I choose my own fate, not you!  You offered me two roads.  Must I barter with you… or is mine a free choice?”

A warning filled with indignation crossed the woman’s lips.  “Shall a child rebuke its father and not be chastised?  Dare you show God’s servant such disrespect and not fear retribution?!”

The reproof was not wasted on the child.  She humbly begged forgiveness, apologizing for her flagrant disrespect.  Still, she pressed the issue, pointing out that she had been offered a choice.

 “Yes, my little one, you have been offered a choice.”  The woman thought a moment, adding,  “It is sometimes better to not know the price until it has to be delivered up.  Would you be able to see it through if you did know?”

Ishtar was more respectful, but still firm in her resolve.  “The tiller man cannot exact a thief’s price if his charge knows the journey’s route.  I will not travel the road blindly when knowledge can light up the dangers I must face.”

The woman shrugged, resigning herself to telling Ishtar everything.  “All right…  The price that is to be paid is not yours alone.  It will be demanded from both you and your uncle… and it is high.  He will be tested to betray his love for his God, to preserve your life.  If he remains loyal, you…”  She shook her head.  “You will die a most horrible death in the arena… torn apart by beasts.  Should he fail in his test, your death by wild beasts will be delayed but for a day… so that vile men may have their way with you.”

Ishtar groaned in dismay.  “So that is my test…?  The price I must pay to take the second road?”

“No…” the woman answered.  “You, for your part, will have no control regarding the outcome in this coming test.  It is your uncle’s to decide.  Your test will come sooner.  The finality will be the same, should you fail or succeed, but it will either be death in victory…or defeat.”

Ishtar silently pondered the matter, finally asking, “What of my test, then?  If I am to die, do I not deserve to know what it will be?”

“You ask a question I cannot answer.”  The woman softly replied.  “It is great, because your enemy will continue to offer you a way out.  If your heart is not complete toward your God, you will not succeed.  Easy it is to fool the heart when a door of escape is opened for you.  And gentle speech may well hide a deceitful tongue.”

She closed Ishtar’s finger around the purse.  “Here.  Take the money I give and leave.  Enjoy your blessing to the full.”

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