Thursday, January 8, 2015

3-051, Hidden Melodies Play

Section Three

A happy, crackling fire spewed forth a shower of golden sparks as the hickory log erupted in a blaze of light.  Shadows danced to and fro across rough-hewn timber walls, leaving much of the room hidden in darkness.  But the fire was warm and the building sound, creating a warm, cozy feeling that all was well even though the winter winds outside, a fright, should blow.

And blow they did.  The driving snow pelted the tiny windows while the howling wind battered the door with its angry fury.  Yet, for the lone figure slowly rocking back and forth before the glowing hearth, all was at peace, the snapping and popping of the roaring fire and the ‘creak-creak’ of the old wicker chair the only melody coming to the person’s ears.

Hidden within those shadows were two emerald-green eyes peering deeply into the burning light, a sweet gentle tune being hummed by half-closed lips.  ‘No hurry!  No hurry!  Let the night winds cry.  No hurry.  No hurry.  For tonight brings on a happy sigh.’  Hands rested on the chair’s gnarly arms, their fingers curled over and around the knobby ends.  Naked feet resting on the hard oaken floor would slowly push down, sending the person in the chair back into the shadows until, tired of the struggle, they would surrender to the moment, sending chair and rider up into the firelight.  Back and forth, back and forth, the musical creaking of the chair blended in melodious harmony with the little humming tune.  ‘No hurry!  No hurry!  The night is young.  No hurry...’

The mellow light of the musical fire revealed a tiny brown furry creature scurrying across the floor in search of fallen crumbs.  It was rewarded with treasures also of small pieces of cheese scattered among the morsels.  Eyes closed as a contented smile grew across the face of the ‘oh, so untidy’ person listening in the shadows.  Moments of peace such as this had been all too rare over the many centuries.  It felt so good to have the antics of the a little mouse be the biggest intrusion into the cozy dreamy world.

In the middle of a bite, the mouse froze.  Then, still holding tight its treasure of well-aged cheese, it sniffed the air as if searching for an answer to a disturbance in the cabin’s restful ambiance.  For a heartbeat, the creaking of the chair ceased, the person in the chair also hearing the harmonic shift in the winter storm winds.  All so soon the chair began its music again, the person displaying no concern, but the furry little creature hurried away, holding fast its trophy of the night.  Something approached, its power great, and the little fellow wished not to be found in such an open, conspicuous place no matter how inviting the banquet.

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