Thursday, January 15, 2015

2-026, '. . . ArdonAzubahKenath?'

Section Two

Of Councils Great and Small

Piercing eyes studied the solitary figure sitting quietly in a distant corner of a great chamber called the ‘Hall of Assembly’, political strategy room since the beginning of the Rebellion.  Those eyes squinted in wondering question, ‘So, this is the wisest of councilors, personal advisor to the Maker of Worlds?  Doddered, unkempt, nervous… Who really is this man, ArdonAzubahKenath?  He looks more the part of an Eastern slave merchant awaiting his next client, and he has just recently returned from one of his mysterious deep space sojourns.  This person deserves closer scrutiny.’

‘Ardon’, as he was more often called, had been sitting in the Hall of Assembly for nearly an hour, it being his custom to arrive early so as to observe others entering, and to not be observed, himself.  

This afforded him the luxury of a silent inquisition of the gathering crowd and time to ponder possible unfolding of the night’s events.  He had learned long ago to watch warily for clues that revealed motives and intentions.  More than once he had managed a coup on some spy or enemy agent sequestered among the loyal children of the Empire.  Tonight was special, at least according to Mother, and from the looks of all the military brass and high-ranking officials, Mother hadn’t been exaggerating.  These people needed his scrutiny.

He frowned in surprise and disapproval watching a lowly naval officer shyly enter, his eyes opened wide in awe at the gathered company of royal officials and leading military officers.  For some moments the man stood there, arms hanging limply, with folded hands.  The nervous fellow looked more like a trapped animal seeking escape than a captain in the Empire’s navy.

Ardon stirred, leaning forward, concerned.  ‘Now why does Mother trouble our presence with a washed-out captain, unfit to hold the bridge of a cattle barge, or that scrap heap of a ship, the...’ It took a moment for him to recall.  ‘Oh yes, that derelict hulk, Shikkeron?  Should have scrapped it out before the Great War...  What’s Bedan doing at such an important counc...’  Ardon snapped his fingers.  ‘Oh, yes... the Zephath... Sirion...  The Shikkeron was a first responder to its distress signals.’  He slowly shook his head.  ‘Why does Mother need Bedan’s counsel here?  The official report contains everything he could provide.’ . . .

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