Friday, September 19, 2014

1-003, ''Grandeur of These Sights'

Squinting, the woman shaded her eyes to view the surrounding landscape, the silent grandeur of these sights vividly impressive.  Giant leaved gates made from exotic, shimmering metal, delicately engraved with intriguing designs and runes stretched outward like two great arms, beckoning one to come forward and receive their ever-opened embrace.  Massive pivots, buried deep within the walls’ two opposing circular guard towers supported them.

These imposing gates paled next to the fortress towers and walled battlements whose marbled heights rose well over eighty cubits before reaching the open roadway traversing the wall.  From there it was another sixty cubits to the roofed battlements of the towers.  Black, polished onyx inset with chrysolite and other precious jewels, crowned both the towers and imposing ramparts.

The woman sighed, unmoved.  She merely turned toward the machine and muttered a command, its door swiftly closing. The auto-car’s motor sprang to life and, speeding away, soon disappeared down the road, leaving the solitary figure standing there, staring into the distance.

Again, she turned her attention to the battlements.  Looking up, the woman could see the massive guard towers with their flags fluttering on poles far atop peaked roofs, recalling to her mind the grandiose beauty viewed from their ramparts.  From these towers, on countless occasions, the breathtaking panorama of the surrounding countryside had unfolded before her eyes.

To the east were gently rolling hills and valleys covered with orchards, vineyards and pastures.  Patches of woodland dividing fields of grain grew along the streams and brooks that descended to a broad plain below.  These waters gathered together in force to produce a wide, serpentine river sluggishly laboring northward, fading from sight.  

Beyond rose a wall of blue-green hillsdipping and swelling as though an army of shadowy giants were on the move, marching off into the distant haze, hiding the roots of rock-hewn mountains jutting above the clouds in snow-covered peaks. In the morning blackness, the sun would fill the sky behind these mountains with a dark glow as if orange fire were ascending from the depths below.  As it struggled its way up the mountains, colors brightened until a vivid red sun would suddenly erupt over the peaks, flooding the countryside with its yellow brilliance.

The fortress walls stretched north and south for better than two leagues.  Long ago, tall forests had grown up around these fortifications, shading the blue river of marble with their wide evergreen boughs.  Old growths of giant cedar, hemlock and redwood trees towered high above the greatest battlements, dwarfing the heights with their three hundred cubit spires. . .

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