Friday, September 19, 2014

1-004, 'Its Kaleidoscopic Display'

Nor was beauty lost on the secrets hidden behind the marble walls.  Ornate patchworks of courtyards, orchards and gardens nestled along the trails and broadways, a rainbow hue of bright, scented flowers scattered throughout the dark green mats of shrubs and bushes, exciting one’s emotions with its kaleidoscopic display.  Flagstone roads of red, blue and green crisscrossed this expanse of luscious growth, sweeping in like a sea around the base of the walls.

“Enough of that!”  The woman sputtered, shaking her head to clear it of seemingly useless memories.  She started toward the gates along the jasmine-lined roadway leading into Palace City.

Glancing west, the woman took little note of the dazzling imagery and beauty of the city’s center, nearly a league away.  Had she bothered to look up while passing through the gates, she would have seen the splendor of this jewel of the Universe…had she bothered.

This inspiration for poems and songs went unnoticed by the woman, her mind caught up with other pressing matters.  Whether she chose to observe it or not was of little concern to the artists who created it.

The ‘Eternal City’, as the architects had named it, would always shine with breathtaking delight, for they had willed it to be that way.  The gilded palace towers of jade, inset with gold and precious stones, and the palace proper, crowned in onyx and domed in diamond crystal, gold, and chrysolite made it appear as though the sun had descended from its home in the heavens and settled here.  The Old Palace had sat its weathered butte long before this woman’s kind was born, and would continue to shine from it even if her kind should fail.

The woman smiled.  She had chosen wisely this morning.  As she expected, the streets were empty.  And the guard towers?  They never saw a guard… only occasional lovers seeking seclusion after a night’s merrymaking.  This did not mean that her presence had gone unnoticed.  Even now someone watched her, following her every move.  But such knowledge was more reassuring than discomforting. . .

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