Friday, September 19, 2014

1-006, 'An Evil Madness Lurks'

Darla released Mihai, holding her at arm’s length and the two stared into each other’s eyes.  Mihai pondered the wonders of her sister.  ‘How beautiful she is, and still with the seeming innocence of a carefree little girl.  Seeing her here, who would ever guess an evil madness lurks, hiding in her mind.  She covers it well, with her finery of silk and gold, makeup and twinkling eyes.  But I know…I know that this child has not seen even one day of peace in her troubled life.’

A spark of hope ignited in Mihai’s own troubled heart as she watched Darla’s placid face.  She lowered her head, speaking wistfully.  “This place has the ability to lift the darkness from the mind.  May it also do the same for me...”

Zadar stepped forward, arms spread wide.  “M’lady!  It is so good to see you after such a long absence!”  He gently pushed Darla aside and hugged Mihai.

“Harrumph!”  Darla snorted, placing her fists on her hips.  “He just wants you in the tower with him, that’s all!”

Mihai stepped back in mock surprise, grasping her dagger.  “If I’d known that, I’d defended myself against your advances!”

Grinning, Zadar asked suspiciously, “Just like the way you did the night before you parted company for the fleet?”  Not waiting for a reply, he snapped, “If I had known M’lady was gonna come sneakin’ around the back door of this place, I would have brought some brandy to welcome her and possibly offered her an invitation to visit a spell.”

Mihai retorted, “I wasn’t sneakin’!  I wanted some time to myself to clear the air in my head.  Leave it to someone like you to spoil it for me. And stop calling me ‘M’lady’!”

Zadar wrinkled up his face in fake apology.  “Oh, excuse me, your Lordship, but I didn’t give you that title.  You did it to yourself.  I’ve already heard rumors of a big change coming.  I’m just getting a jump on the others, that’s all.”  Sarcastically, he asked, “What name do you want me to call you by, ‘Mihai’ or ‘Michael’?”

Mihai soured.  “You know few call me by that other name.  ‘Mihai’ will suit me just fine.”  Sadness grew on her face.  “‘Mihai’ helps me forget things I wish not to remember.”  She took hold of Zadar’s hands.  “Please, my dear little brother, allow me, please, to leave certain memories in the clouds for now.  They cover the things I don’t want to see.”

Zadar squeezed Mihai’s hands, grinning, “Mihai it is, then.” . . .

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