Friday, September 19, 2014

1-007, '. . . I Have Missed Your Company . . .'

Mihai’s dark feelings quickly faded and her eyes began to twinkle.  “I would have been grateful if you had brought that brandy with you.”

Darla pretended to clear her throat.  Getting their attention, she asked, “So, am I just an abandoned soul now?  Tossed by the wayside like a discarded toy?”

Mihai laughed.  “Oh yes, we could cast you aside as easily as one does a winter tempest.”  She looked into Darla’s emerald-green eyes, pondering, ‘A person could become lost in those fathomless pools and never want to return.’

Letting go Zadar’s hands, she reached out and held the girl in another embrace.  “Oh, my dear Darla, I have missed your company for so long!”

They stood, locked together as one, sharing inner thoughts, memories from some long-forgotten time.  There were few people Mihai loved and trusted more than Darla.  In fact, she owed her very life to her.

Mihai kissed Darla on her lips and then asked, “How is it we chance to meet at this time?  I thought you were doing sentry duty on Stargaton.”

Darla blinked in surprise.  “The summons, of course!  You are the last one to get here.  Zadar and I, along with the others, have been here for several days.  We were beginning to think you might choose to ignore it, like you have done in times past.”

Mihai denied that was so. “You know I have never ignored a summons.  But there have been times when I could not possibly abandon my duties to come.  This time is different.  I could feel the urgency.”

Zadar piped in.  “Well!  If you’d let us know the time of your arrival, we’d come to the depot and gotten you.”

“That I don’t believe!”  Mihai poked an accusing finger toward Zadar.  “You?!  Miss out on a sweet interlude with our most beautiful of flowers just to keep company with me?  Please, don’t make me laugh.”

“That’s not so!  That’s not so!”  Zadar cried.

Pretending offence, Darla grumped, “What’s not so…that I’m the most beautiful of flowers?  You weren’t shy about lavishing your attention on me last night in your attempts to lure me out here!  Was it out of obligation you delivered your innocent sister to the tower, saying ‘Let us watch the sunrise over the mountains’?  And did you keep my glass filled with wine only fearing I might become thirsty?”

Zadar was shocked.  “Lure you?!  As I recall, you dragged me under the first mulberry tree we passed after leaving the others.  And for the wine, you treated yourself to many more than I dispensed, including mine.”

Mihai stopped the teasing.  “Enough of this!  You’re both incorrigible!  Should all the children be as passionate, there would be no time for strife or war.” . . .

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