Friday, September 19, 2014

1-011- 'The World That Never Sleeps'

“Pay no mind to it, Sister.”  Darla casually replied, taking Mihai’s hand.  “This is still early morning, by business standards, anyway.  Things will wake up around here by the lunch hour, and the dinner crowd will be pretty good.  It’s always quiet this time of day, remember?”

Mihai nodded.  She remembered all right!  Long before Darla was born, long before the Rebellion tore her people apart, long before all the wars, when she was a youngster, still in her teens, this place was off-handedly called, ‘the world that never sleeps’.  There was always a crowd here.

Mihai thought back to those long millennia passed.  
She could see the concourses packed with partiers and merrymakers, elbow to elbow, making their way from one festive event to another.  There were the pools, spas, theaters, and gymnasiums that entertained the body and the mind.  If food was to your liking, you could lose yourself in the hundreds of eateries, serving the palate anything from frozen chocolate crêpe to spicy, baked halibut smothered in clam sauce and onions.

And one must not forget the Palace Coliseum!  Sometime during the First Age, architects hollowed out a cavern in the butte, directly under the Old Palace.  Every technical innovation of that age was built into its design and construction, enabling artists to recreate their wildest imaginings in three dimensional sights and sounds, for audiences of over two hundred thousand.  The Coliseum’s doors closed many centuries ago, its vaulted chambers now filled with silent darkness.

The intoxicating excitement of that day was gone.  This day, Mihai only heard the quiet echo of a few footsteps on the polished marble floors, mixing with the lonely splashing of the garden’s waterfall.  She sadly smiled.  “Yes, my dear one, I remember...”

Darla walked with Mihai down the South Concourse until they came to the tramwaiter.  In a few moments, there was heard the whirring of powerful gyro-motors, announcing the machine’s rapid approach.  The whirring stopped, followed by a click! and a hum.  Double doors slid open, revealing the coach’s opulent interior. . . 

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