Friday, September 19, 2014

1-010, Winter Gardens A Grand Expanse

Mihai lingered with her companions until they reached the Winter Gardens, located at the convergence of four wide concourses.  The gardens were a grand expanse of exotic flowers, shrubs and trees, crisscrossed by dozens of walking trails.  A bubbling stream with its own waterfall completed the scene.  Of course, there were many hidden, secluded corners where benches and tables had been conveniently placed for the wanderer’s benefit.

Indulging herself in the fresh, mist-filled air, Mihai sucked in a long, deep breath and exclaimed, “It’s always early summer here, like the after-breath of a late day shower.”  
Looking up at the high, domed ceiling, watching the cool white of day shimmer through the translucent stone, she happily sighed, “In this place, time forgets itself.  We are standing below the very center of Palace City, the North Concourse running directly under the Old Palace that was constructed upon a butte of solid diorite.”

Darla and Zadar shot knowing glances at each other.  Here it came, another ‘you’re so young, you won’t know this’.

Mihai’s eyes scanned their surroundings as she explained,  “It is this part of Palace City that was said to have existed long before my kind were born.  The remainder of the city, including the Winter Gardens and long concourses, with their hundreds of eateries, caf├ęs, pubs and shops, was designed and built by the children of the First Age, countless millennia before my birth.  How wel…”

Shouts echoed across the nearly empty building.  Zadar waved his arm, calling back to the new arrivals.  He excused himself and hurried away.  Darla promised to find Mihai a sensual outfit and offered to walk her to the tramwaiter.

Mihai thanked her.  Glancing in different directions, she said with a shudder, “It’s such a long time since I’ve been here.  Where are all the people?” . . .

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