Friday, September 19, 2014

1-025, As Storm-winds Blow

Mihai marveled at this woman’s strength and lasting integrity, when suddenly recalling that this was the woman she had observed from her secret realms during those long-ago years.  Trisha had suffered much back then, from the death of children to abandonment by her husband, and so much more.  Those experiences had hardened her.  Her years here had not removed that hardness.  How could it?  Mere months after her arrival found Trisha at CoblinPort, helping in its defense against Stasis Pirates.

Standing and gripping Trisha’s upper arms, Mihai commented, “The storm-winds have swept your world all too often.  Many people would have become bitter over their fate had they suffered such grief.  How is it that you still carry such love and tenderness within you as I have many times seen displayed? You are always doing for others.”  

There was little change in Trisha’s expression as she softly replied,  “My Lord, I am but a servant girl.  You have lived from before the founding of my world.  I have seen fewer than eighty summers, all filled with grief and despair.  I think a starving man appreciates a dry crust of bread more than a king with a banquet of exotic dainties.”  She shook her head.  “I do not have pity for my life.  Hours of grief have taught me to cherish  moments of pleasure.  My heart reaches out to your kind, for the children of this world have not yet learned to find delight in one lonely star on a dark stormy night.  Your kind cannot yet see that these times of distress will become a treasure of great worth.  In future days, you will pity the children born in times of peace.” . . .

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