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1-024, '. . .The Powers. . .'

Trisha’s answer was upbeat and cheerful, but revealed little, as did her facial expressions.  Her eyes, though, could not lie, twinkling in a way a child’s does when hiding a secret.  “My Lord, the day is young, and many a breeze must blow before its end.  Rest assured, the powers that brought me here have also delivered my Lord to this same destination.  The journey is long and may be dark, but the wind ever blows us home.”

This picture of Trisha is an alteration from the Capodimonte Museum in Naples, Italy [It's the alteration artist's belief that this is entitled (Farnese Collection of Art), Antea 1531-35, Francesco Mazzola detto Il Parmigianino
Mihai attempted to pry more information from Trisha, but the woman said nothing, which was very much part of her nature.  If she chose to speak, all well and good, but no known force existed that could make her confess a word if that was her disposition.  Mihai surrendered to what little she had been told, marveling at the woman’s solid constitution, finally shaking her head.  “You’re hopeless.  

“Thank you!”  Trisha replied, grinning.  “I’ll take that as a compliment.  Better to look like a fool, I say, than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.”

Mihai returned a toothy smile, nodding.  “There’s a lot to you, General.  Your youth confuses and intrigues me.  I see eyes filled with wonder and excitement, but you speak with the wisdom of our councilors.  The powers that delivered you to my world are wise and discerning.”  Her statement stirred memories of this woman in her mind.

Trisha was not a child of this realm.  She had grown up during an age of violence, when old ways and beliefs were being challenged, and new religions were forcing themselves into the lives of people around her.  She had refused to compromise her values and beliefs, making the woman an outcast among her people. But that was all gone now.  By the time she awoke from the Field of the Minds, her memories were all that remained of the world of that day. . .

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