Friday, September 19, 2014

1-023, Raven's End Reconnections

Mihai could see and hear the excitement of that time, multitudes of birds cooing and crying while others swooped to and fro through the air.  What a sight it must have been!

Gentle footfall echoing across the empty expanse interrupted Mihai’s recollections of this place.  She squinted, peering into the shadows.  “Now who should be wandering out here at this time of day?”  She muttered to herself.

Raven’s End was cavernous and dark, its only light during the day coming from the windows and open exits.  The Majestic’s final staircase spiraled its way up the last sixty cubits to the Upper Palace’s outer courtyard from the far end of the vaulted chamber, it offering little light for Mihai to observe who was coming.

The one approaching spoke first.  “Mihai!  What a wonderful surprise!  I had no idea I would be seeing you before tonight.”  A woman of slight stature, medium build and delightful appearance materialized from the shadows, hurrying over, taking Mihai’s hands, leaning down, giving her a gentle kiss.

Mihai grinned, asking, “Trisha?!”  Then glancing at the woman’s light blue uniform, puzzled aloud, “General Trisha?!  I thought you were commanding Hunter’s Brigade on Pilneser.  What brings you here, I mean, so far away from your duties?”

Still gripping Mihai’s hands, Trisha smiled.  “Oh, my Lord, I have been a busy, busy person.  I was called away from my duties on Pilneser some months ago, being given a temporary assignment in the Second Realm.  Then, just three weeks ago, I was summoned to Palace City.  Been here ever since, waiting for tonight’s council…”

Mihai puzzled.  “Who ordered you away from your post?  I saw no request come across my desk.”

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