Friday, September 19, 2014

2-037- Admiral, EuroaquiloIllyricum

The Admiral, EuroaquiloIllyricum, was commander of the Navy’s Third Fleet, stationed to the east of EdenEsonbar.  His name’s meaning was, ‘the great stormwind’ acquired because of his booming voice that matched his size.  Six feet plus one-half tall and weighing sixteen stone, he made an impressive appearance wherever he went.  Even Ardon, who felt little real respect for the military, was somewhat awed by this man.

And why not?  Many were the stories repeated of Euroaquilo’s valor in combat.  Mihai, a close companion and ally of his, had told Ardon many tales concerning his bravery.  “He tore off the castle gate, pitching it at my captor, crushing his skull and providing me with escape.”  She had confessed to Ardon one day at a council meeting.  She had then demanded he, Ardon, bestow upon Euroaquilo the ‘Golden Medallion of Bravery’ – Ardon being the purveyor of such rewards – a medal the man cherished, and was found wearing this evening.

As he thought about it, Ardon puzzled aloud.  “So they still call you ‘the twin’?” referring to Mihai’s and his close relationship and how inseparable they once were.

Euroaquilo placed a giant hand on Ardon’s shoulder, shaking it, grinning.  “My dear Lord Ardon, my sister is the sweetest, most wonderful person in the world.”  He frowned.  “There was never found, for me, a more passionate, caring, lover in this world until… until he ruined her with his twisted tortures and evil deceit.  I have shared the battle against the demons in her mind since that day.  Others fear her company, but I… I know who she really is.  She and I are still one mind and heart.  We are still twins by that very nature.”

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