Friday, September 19, 2014

2-039, Commotion's Excitement

He was no more than settled when another, greater commotion arose among the crowd near the door.  All attention was taken off PalaHar and his companions, being given to others who still remained hidden from Ardon’s view.  ‘Who could it be?’  That was everyone’s question as a flood of the curious descended the bleacher-like seating area, to see who was causing the stir, filling the floor with a sea of bobbing heads facing the door.

Standing did little good, Ardon being no man of great stature.  As the excitement of the others grew, so did his curiosity. He pushed ahead until he was standing at the back of the growing crowd.  This was still no good.  When his polite requests for passage went ignored, he finally decided to ‘forge ahead’ slowly pushing his way into the mass of spectators in an attempt to see what was happening.

As he advanced, the people nearest the doorway began to retreat, allowing whoever was approaching entrance into the council chambers.  Ardon managed a peek at the doorway just as Mihai passed through, into the room.  He stood dumbstruck at what he saw.  A collective gasp arose from the gathered company – the effect Ma-we had intended it to have.  Even Ardon, although knowing about Mihai’s acceptance of a new kingship, was caught up in the moment, he being mesmerized by the woman’s stunning appearance.

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