Friday, September 19, 2014

2-038, Morning's Sunrise Seen

Looking into Ardon’s eyes, he slowly shook his head, softly sighing, “At least she got to see the morning sunrise.”

Zadar was about to ask what Euroaquilo’s words meant when laughter echoed from the entrance, across the chambers.  The three looked over in time to see General PalaHar squeeze through the doorway, TereoAprupneo and PlanetesAntistrate each hugging an arm.  The laughter stemmed from PalaHar’s dilemma, that of being pursued by two lovely women.

Planetes - better know as ‘Planetee’ - finally leaned forward, looking past PalaHar and into Tereo’s face, her eyes twinkling.  “You may have managed a coup with your pillow-talk earlier, but an afternoon’s delight is more than sufficient for you two.  I have forced a promise from this fellow and the after-hours belong to me.”

Tereo – ‘Terey’ – offered up another wicked laugh.  “I surrender him up, but shall remain the victor.  My sweet scent shall linger in his thoughts and dreams for many long hours.  You shall have to force the gate just to be remembered this eve.”

The two continued their friendly sparring after passing through the door, PalaHar politely remaining silent.  Finally Euroaquilo, grinning with his own brand of mischief, called to Zadar for them to be off to mix it up even more.  Zadar, always a willing accomplice to a good game, nodded, and off they went, leaving Ardon alone with his thoughts.

Ardon watched while a battle of wit and winsome words filled the room, it gaining in strength as more of the crowd gathered in, choosing sides and entering the contest.  He liked to see such jousting, but could never understand it, especially on such serious occasions as this, but still… let them have their fun.  He settled back into his chair, snuggling into its soft leather cushions.

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