Friday, September 19, 2014

2-049, My Night's Consort

“What’d I do?!”  Darla exclaimed in question.

Scolding, Mihai answered, “You know full well what you did.  This night you were my consort, a lady of this court.  It was…is, your responsibility to act the part… even if you don’t want to.  What you did was rude and uncalled for.  Ardon is a great councilor in Mother’s court.  He is well-respected and deserves to be treated that way.”

Darla sputtered a nasty retort.  “Big bag a’ shit…!” She chanced to see a scowl cross Mihai’s face.  “Wind…I mean wind…  Big words with little meanings that drizzle in a piss pot, they are.  Chief of the War Honors Council!  He wouldn’t know a hero if it bit him on the ass!  I didn’t want to waste pleasantries on a fool who would have no real appreciation for them.”

She looked down, folding her hands in her lap.  “His kind are what ruined this… your world, too blind and unbending, unwilling to see the demons in the hearts of men.  And after they were seen, too stupid to act effectively and bring matters to a rapid finish.  His kind waited until my kind took to the field and watched as my kindred were slaughtered while protecting those sorry fools.  Then, when the body count was delivered up to them, his kind cried, ‘What?!  You ask that we should also honor your dead for deeds well done?  There is no honor in dying.  It is the living, the judicious, the wise, who deserve the honor, for they protect the people through councils great and small.’”

Mihai’s retort was sharp but tempered.  “Rachel!  You call down evil on our Mother by those words for she, too, fell into such treacherous reasonings.  Are you also bitter of soul at her?  How could that be?  I know of your unquestioned love for her.”

Darla stared into her lap saying not a word.

Mihai thought a moment, then asked, “What did Ardon ever do to you?”

Darla shot a glance at Mihai, hatred burning in her eyes.  “Old fool!”  She stared back down into her lap.

Taken aback, Mihai pondered the reason for Darla’s outburst.  After thoughtfully considering the matter, she leaned over and wrapped her arm around her little sister’s shoulder, drawing her close and speaking softly in the girl’s ear.  “Today my demons tried to invade my waking hours.  They are strong and growing in power by the hour.  Do you not also feel their anger, their rage because of being trapped in a mind so filled with love for Mother?”

Darla did not look up or move.  No word came from her mouth.

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