Friday, September 19, 2014

4-100, Bloody Artwork

Gihon laughed.  “See!  The Mother of Harlots cares not for her children…”  He released his passion in one heaving outburst and then fell on Darla’s chest.  As he panted, he ridiculed her, snidely whispering in her ear, “Or is it just you… you worthless dung meat!”

After catching his breath, Gihon sat back on his knees, viewing with pleasure the results of his labors.  He rested his bloodied hands on Darla’s legs, nodding his head.  “You’re a delight to behold, nearly as beautiful as that tramp, Michael, was that day outside the palace.  My artwork is nearly complete.”  With that, he motioned to Yulackk.  “Smash in its skull!”

Nodding, Yulackk grinned.  “I won’t hav’ta do it twice.”  He swung his cudgel high over his head in one graceful move that transferred his body’s power into the weapon.

Gihon stared at Darla’s broken face, waiting to see Yulackk smash it to nothing.  “Do it good, you!  I want a big splatter!”

Sh…ur…rr flu…unk!’

Yulackk yipped like a startled dog as the club fell from his hands.

“What the…?!”  Gihon looked in time to see Yulackk grab his face and stumble backward, a glistening black, jillson bolt sticking from his face just below his nose.

Sh…ur…rr flu…unk!’  A second arrow slammed into Yulackk’s mouth, punching its way up through his skull and protruding out the back of his head until its waxy tail feathers disappeared into the man’s face.  Yulackk let out a gasp as he spun around and fell, face down, in the dirt.

Beetle dung!”  A woman in a silver-metallic flight suit came running out from the shadow of the trees, drawing forth a long double-edge battle sword as she advanced, its green, ghostly flame identifying it as a fearsome derker blade.

“Gabrielle!”  Gihon quailed.  He threw his hands up over his face.

Gabrielle halted beside Darla’s bleeding body.  She lifted her sword high, shouting, “Master’s whore maiden!… Be off into damnation!”

With a grunt, Gabrielle swung the weapon down and across, cleaving Gihon’s head and hands from his body.  Blood squirted into the air as the lifeless corpse slowly keeled over, falling to the ground.

A woman screeched, “NasiSair! NasiSair!” (When translated means: Prince of the Warlocks).  She and the other woman ran off, screaming, into the night.

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