Friday, September 19, 2014

3-054, This Pilot Rests

The woman nodded but made no reply.  She looked around and, spying a stool half hidden in the shadows, pulled it near the hearth, sat down and quietly removed her pilot’s boots.  With a grunt, followed by a relaxing sigh, the last boot was pulled from her foot.  She then busied herself in gently massaging life back into cramped toes.

As practiced hands soothed the flesh, a tired voice went on to speak of other matters.  “The storm is most intense.  Had I not felt your presence, I doubt it would have been possible for me to find this place tonight.  As it was, I made my way through a mile of frozen drifts, having to abandon my ship in a distant field, I fearing the danger of a collision should I pursue further travel with that machine.”

A smile crept across the face of the person in the rocking chair.  “Few there are who could have mastered the elements this eve.  Do you think it by chance the weather is so outrageous? 
My dear one, there are many evil forces who have great power.  Spies abound in your world.  Only a fool would have dared follow you into this maelstrom… save only one…and he is far from this place at the moment.  I can feel it to be so.  It was most important for my heart to seek you out in secret tonight.  I desired no one, not even an innocent, to interrupt our meeting.”

There was a long silence in the room.  The woman sitting on the stool hung her head as if in tired disappointment, her long, flowing, silver hair falling almost to the floor.  Staring at the worn planking, she finally replied, “I am your servant.  Please…  my Meter…  What is it your heart wishes to speak about?”

The person in the chair turned her head, smiling.  “Long have your lips been silent with that name, my Tolohe.”  She returned her gaze to the fire.  “Tolohe?  Tolohe…  ‘Pillar of the Sun’, ‘StuloHelios’, Tolohe.  You do recall it is a name given you by the gods of ages past, when you still suckled at my breasts.  Few speak of you by that name anymore.  Why do you hate it so?”

Tolohe raised her eyes toward the flames, searching for a reply.  “When the world was young, it was so beautiful.  There were but the two of you, my Meter and Chrusion, my lover and mentor.  Oh yes, I do recall the strange beings that flitted in and out of our lives, sometimes so handsome as to outshine Chrusion, and yet at other times taking on wild shapes that could be laughable or frightening.”

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