Friday, September 19, 2014

3-055, A Ghostly Ruin

“I knew you only by the name I gave you, ‘Meter’… ‘Mother’, until I was well in my teens, when those same gods spoke in secret to me their own fond words for you, and how deeply they cared for the one giving them life so long ago.  It was long ago, beyond the ages of time, and yet I feel that I, too, have lived beyond the ages of time.  So long my heart has ached over lost love, long before this rebellion.  I have hidden my heart in a shadow-world until it stands alone in a desolate land.  Few are my lovers.  They fear my sickness lest they may fall prey to a diseased mind.  My beauty faded long ago until it is little more than a ghostly ruin of its former self. 

Chrusion broke my heart before the First Age was past.  When it died, along with it went the beauty of the wondrous name given me in that forgotten time.”

Tolohe looked into her mother’s face.  “And should I complain?  Has not your heart been ripped from your own bosom, being crushed by the man we both loved for so long?  Does not the very name given you by my young siblings testify to the changed world that exists around us? 
Yehowah!  God of the new age, King of the Throne of Salvation, Bringer of Rage and Storm!  I stood beside you the day you declared to the man who was once our lover, ‘I shall become whatever I need to become in order to crush you… you belly-walking worm!’  From that day forward, my sweet, innocent Meter has carried the name of war and death, ‘Yehowah’ …a name so unfit for the person I love so dear.”

Again there was a long silence.  Finally… “Meter… it is a name that is so comforting to my soul.”    Meter – ‘Ma-we’ - looked into Tolohe’s eyes.  “My dear, I am no ruler.  Never have been.  The ‘Ones who came before’ did not see me as a ruler, or a god.  I was but one with them, they having come from my very essence.  I do not like to rule, and that is one secret you know better than all the others except… except… we shall not speak anymore of him.”

She reached out, touching Tolohe’s knee with playing fingers.  “Tonight, for a few fleeting hours, Tolohe needs to again become the Pillar of the Sun…the pillar for Meter to rest her weary head upon.”

Tolohe gripped Ma-we’s hand, tears filling her eyes.  “I am your servant, your lover, your companion.  Whatever your slightest wish, I shall move the heavens to bring to you.  You ask so little and deserve so much more than your child can possibly give.”

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