Friday, September 19, 2014

3-059, Evil's Conquerors Fear

Shocked at first by Ma-we’s revelation, Tolohe quickly recovered, answering, “The blood of our mother flows in each of my siblings.  She is not weak from fear and neither are they.  Foolish?  Yes!  And also dull of senses, drugged by the happy days of ancient bliss.”

She squeezed her mother’s hand, leaning close with a pleading answer.  “We love you with such intensity that each one of us would eagerly sacrifice all things, forever, rather than see our dear one hurt.  We lack wisdom, must learn how to pull victory from longing hearts, but it can…will be accomplished.  There is too much love within us to fail.  Show us how to love and we shall conquer all that is evil, bringing it down to Gehenna for all time.”

The flow of tears eased and soon stopped.  Ma-we watched the fire surge in intensity as the winter winds cried out in empty frustration.  The heat of the blaze, along with the sweet smell of flaming apple-wood newly placed on the hearth, refreshed her spirit.  A sudden ‘pop’ sent an army of tiny sparks up the chimney.  Ma-we watched until the last one disappeared from sight.  “You know… I believe I lit a fire under my children at the last council meeting.”

Tolohe silently nodded, not wanting to intrude where uninvited.  Mother was oftentimes a secret person… the reason for riddles.  So much she kept to herself, always had, feeling she did not have the words to convey the real meaning hiding in her heart.

Tonight was different.  Ma-we wanted her daughter to see, to understand all that lay beneath the surface of her outer soul.  “I have revealed to my children the third of my three swords, TrishaQaShaibjal.  I am sorry to have not sought your council in this matter, but… but, still, what do you think of my choice?”

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