Friday, September 19, 2014

3-058, Hidden Fiery Strength???

She set the spoon down, staring again into Ma-we’s green eyes.  “It is true, we have become weak and, as at other times in the past, not heeded you counsel or listened to your wisdom, but trust me, there is still a fiery strength hidden within your loyal children.  We will weather the coming storm.”

Ma-we slowly shook her head.  “Strength like an aged weathered tree…  Your kind will, as you so often have before, take the blow, but that age is passed into meaninglessness.  Your kind must become the aggressor, the monster that tears up its prey.  I doubt such a feat still exists with them.”

After taking a sip and giving time for her palate to luxuriate in its robust delights, Tolohe replied.  “I trust you have a remedy to deliver a cure, for never have I heard you pose such a dilemma without having searched out a remedy.”

Nodding, Ma-we answered.  “Oh, yes!  But a bitter one it is!  A long night is coming, and I fear that the field of the minds shall fill to overflowing before the daylight again arrives.  My children…” She was so remorseful. “…my children…so many will sleep the long sleep before the evil hour’s hunger is fully satisfied.”

Looking down at her hands, she lamented, “I have the power to bring this madness to a finish, but I cannot for then I, myself, should become the greatest of evil serpents!  The blood of freedom of all my children, of all I stand for, cries out from beyond the abyss, condemning me for even thinking such selfish thoughts.  No!  The victory must come at the hands of my children even to the destruction of them all.”  She began to quietly weep.

Placing the cup down and taking her mother’s hand, Tolohe promised,  “My dearest one, my love, please do not torment your tender heart.  Such calamity will not happen.  I will not allow it.  Dear one, your children will not fail.”

Ma-we’s pleading eyes look out from a tear-stained face.  “How can you promise such folly when I have seen your very demise in fire and smoke?  How can you know with such confidence that my children will succeed?”

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