Friday, September 19, 2014

3-061, Witch's LOVE Potion

Ma-we grinned.  “Oh, she has love and passion.  And I have already begun the process to reawaken it from within.  My little boy is busy at work on her heart.  I sent him away on a scent that he will be unable to shake from his nostrils.  Soon Trisha’s ardor will grow beyond control for, well, you know how Zadar is.”

Tolohe laughed.  “You need not given him the ‘witch’s potion’ to boot.  He has the power to make a woman surrender to his wiles even should she be upon the field of battle.  Once the dam has burst, will Trisha have the fortitude remaining to lead your children to war?”

Answering, Ma-we shook her head.  “It will take a great deal of witchery to deliver that child to Zadar’s bed.  She is a tough case.  In the years since her arrival, she has refused every offer of romance, be it dream share or otherwise, she feeling repulsed by even the thought of her sister’s touch.  No, it will be no easy matter for my son to carry the gate to take her heart, but I trust he will… and at the right time, too.”

“Are you sure you sent him?” Tolohe asked, chuckling.  “She is quite comely, more so than most, and those stodgy clothes can hide only so much.  Zadar would have sought to uncover the woman’s secrets soon enough if left on his own.”

Ma-we laughed.  “True!  True!  Still… this child is so different, badly damaged, I feel…so much so I fear that Zadar would tire the chase if left to his own powers.  Oh, he will struggle, with her, with his personal feelings… already is.  Who knows, he may well fall in love.”

“Zadar fall in love?!”  Tolohe laughed.  “The world is not prepared to deal with that man captured up in love.”

Ma-we also began to laugh with Tolohe.  It felt good to laugh and if someone could bring on her light spirit it was Tolohe.  When the joyous tumult eased, she became serious, resting a hand on Tolohe’s knee.  “He loves you.  Always has.  Why do you dismiss his advances?  You know how sweet his kisses are and how they revive your soul.”

Tolohe frowned, then smiled.  “You’re right.  I have been derelict in my duties.  I will not refuse the boy his advances the next time he offers.  He has a way that can make my heart sing on the dreariest of nights.”

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