Friday, September 19, 2014

3-062, Shadows' Sword

“Good!  Good!  Please do so, for my sake.”  Ma-we went on to other business.  “Mihai also revealed the secret of the other swords, pointing out that the first was already walking among them, hiding in the shadows.”

A chill swept across Tolohe’s heart.  “Meter, this one is very dangerous.  Only by your reassurance have I come to trust her.  Even I have trouble remembering when she passes.

More like the mist is she…an angry mist filled with vengeance.  There is good reason she is called the ‘Death Angel’, the ‘Grave Maker’.  The hairs rise on the back of my neck when she comes into my presence.  Like living death she feels to me.  She is there and then gone without a trace.  I cannot find a soul within her.  Is she truly real, a child from forgotten lands, or is it a machination of your witchery sent to test us out?”

Shaking her head, Ma-we answered,  “She is very real, very damaged…far beyond Zadar’s repair.  Her owner will one day rescue her heart.  A danger?  Not to you or your kind, but to those who rebelled she is most deadly.  A heart more corrupted than the Stasis is hers, but still filled with a sweet love for all that is good.  A most formidable force is she to your wicked brother.  Even now she haunts his worlds, walking unseen in his most holy places.  There is an hour coming when a crack will rupture in the wall surrounding her heart…a sad hour, but one that will begin the healing.”

Tolohe was curious.  “So you created this being when making her new in these realms, or how…?”

“No.”  Ma-we again shook her head.  “Chrusion has created a demented world filled with pain and sorrow.  It bends and twists the hearts of many so that even my powers cannot mend the damage.  I must trust to time for the cure.  Until that hour, I can use the destructive forces instilled into the ‘Worm’s’ victims to wreak vengeance upon his world - just reward for what he has committed against these innocents.”

“With such a ‘foul-smelling’ heart, my child can enter in right among those evil miscreants, they sensing no abnormality in their harmonics.  For the moment, my sword’s heart releases a harmonic song that cannot be detected even by Chrusion’s powers.  She has even put pig piss in his omen cup!”  Ma-we laughed derisively.  “She is become a ‘shadow dancer’.  The rebels believe a traitor walks in their midst and they know not what to do about it.  She is a most trustworthy spy.”

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