Friday, September 19, 2014

3-067, You Will Succeed!

She shook her head in confirmation.  “There is nothing that is impossible for you.  Nothing!  When you feel at your weakest, your strength is only then made evident.  I have seen it.  It burns in your children, in the gods beyond this world, and in you… the Maker of our souls.  Meter…my Love of loves…you will succeed!”

Ma-we’s fingers gripped the arms of the chair.  Little could she hide from this most intuitive of creatures her troubled heart exposed by distressed words.  “Thank you for such kindness, but you know I have failed my children… still do.  But you…your leadership is unmatched by anyone living or dead.  I wish you to have been my firstborn.  You can calm a troubled soul… have.  You bring me real refreshment.”  She looked sadly into Tolohe’s eyes, confessing, “I have used you up, depended too much on your might, to the point I have kil’t your soul by my many demands.”

Tolohe shook her head in denial, but said nothing.  The cancer was hers to carry, the stress of the ages having destroyed her immune system.  The woman would not charge against another the burden she had chosen to carry so long ago.  Still Tolohe hoped a cure.  There was another who might save her, but that request must come at the proper time, for he saw not the ways of mortals and understood little the panderings of a selfish heart.

Silence filled the room, the fire not quite as comforting as before.  Ma-we wished to change the mood and bring back the warmth.  She spoke of other matters.  “Michael… ‘Morning Star’ has rejected the crown.”

Tolohe perked up, smiling.  “It’s good!  Did you succeed with your other offer?”

Ma-we nodded.  “The child is now king over a tormented land that she, alone, can secure and return to brightness.  I have set in motion the tools necessary for her to accomplish the task.”

Looking into Tolohe’s eyes, she asked,  “Now that it has come to pass, will you not accept what is - what should have always been yours?  You are the second in line to the firstborn and have proved yourself fit and worthy.  Will you take the crown offered Michael and deliver the blessing up to my daughters?”

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