Friday, September 19, 2014

3-066, As Evil Secrets Hide

Ma-we continued, dismayed.  “When the evil of Chrusion’s corrupt mind entered the world, I could well see it in Michael’s mind, but I became so preoccupied with her that I abandoned my responsibilities with Darla, my dearest Rachel.  When I discovered the demon growing within her it was far too late to make a cure.  I soothed her as best I could, but had to allow the monster its day.  And because of it my child has suffered in so many ways.”  She sighed.  “Her suckling ways did save Michael’s mind, though, it slowing the demon’s growth.”

“Meter!  Is there nothing we can do?  What of the powers beyond this universe?”

“No!”  Ma-we bemoaned.  “Only by some great orgasmic reaction exploding from within her own soul will such a deed be accomplished.  It must be so great as to threaten her very existence.  It must happen soon or we will lose her anyway, and then I don’t know… I don’t know.”

Tolohe nodded, understanding all too well.  If Ma-we failed to deliver the cure, and her child fell into damnation, she would see herself as a mother unfit to even live.  Could she contain those feelings for eternity?  She was immortal, having life within her personal being.  Death could not come to her, but… but, she feared, would her heart sink to such levels so as to destroy her mind, bringing on an eternal forgetfulness and a ruination to all living things?  Long had the possibility troubled her.  Only Tolohe understood its depth.

Staring at the floor, Tolohe answered reassuringly, “You will succeed.”  Looking up and into Ma-we’s eyes, hers reflecting that same sadness, she promised,  “We will succeed.  The blood that my brothers and sisters have shed will not be wasted upon some empty victory!  We will do whatever is necessary to carry the future to success.  You will not falter, cannot.  My little sister will win her contest.  Mihai will learn wisdom.  Meter, there is much more to you than you wish to see.  You say you do not want to be ruler.  I say there is none better to rule than you.  Your strength of will is far greater than even your heart.  You can hold all the fires of torment in your bosom for all the ages and never waiver in your purposes.”

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