Friday, September 19, 2014

3-069, Devastation to Salvation

Ma-we shook her head.  “It was not the fault of my daughter that the hour of salvation was delayed.  I could not risk her demon’s glory over her, and your brother’s treachery with tricksy words fooled even the hearts of many of my loyal children, and… and there were so many other reasons I allowed the universe to wait upon a moment.  I still wait… still wait.”

Tolohe leaned forward, resting a hand on Ma-we’s forearm.  Her reply was filled with love, which could not hide the bitter disappointment.  “My Meter, no matter the reason, the delay has been most costly.  For three times we drove the evil of Hormax and his confederates down, bringing devastation upon the lands of Mizraim, Magog, and Javan, desolating those worlds of men.  And only then, in the end, as the blood of Haudenosaunez’s kindred and your own loyal children made holy the field of slaughter – our dead counted by the thousands of thousands - he and I, side by side, felled the last of the Anakim at Camorra Heights, bringing the first breath of freedom since the days of Japheth to those tortured lands of demon possession.”

“My Love, your children cannot survive another delay… I cannot survive another delay.  My hour is close, for I have seen its wretched end should time fail me.”

Tolohe sat back, ashamed of her ‘rueful’ accusations.  How well she knew the sacrifices her mother had made, but only here, in this one place, in the company of this one person, could the great ‘Pillar of the Sun’ become the tired, lonely, disheartened child.  For this reason Ma-we remained silent, allowing her daughter time to grieve over the loss of her own virginity - innocence.

Shaking her head to clear troubling memories, Tolohe returned to the subject, the stoic appearance of weathered granite returning to her face.  “Neither Mihai nor I are qualified to carry the ‘Horn of Rachel’ before the universe of men.  We are the extremes of your personality.  No… No, the king who sits your throne must be just like you.  Your blood must flow through his veins.”

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