Friday, September 19, 2014

3-070, The Son of Salvation

Ma-we leaned back, replying in thoughtful consideration.  “So, you place me on the horns of a dilemma.  Who is there remaining fit and qualified to take up the scepter and return to my daughters their youth and dignity?”

Tolohe chided, “Don’t play the part of an innocent waif.  You may well have tricked with the foolish, dumb, and blind, but your riddles have been secreted by me from this world’s founding, for well I am aware of the unholy union and its offspring.  And… long have I’ve known that you wove your own blood into the belly of the woman who bore the Son of Salvation, and I do see that that blood still flows rich in the veins of a man born from darkness and light.  You have not hidden well your intentions in our dream shares together.”

Cocking her head to the side while shaking a finger, Tolohe postured, “I harbor no ill concerning these matters.  You are the Maker of all things.  You are Law.  Whatever is your slightest desire is my most impassioned want.  So then… I recommend what will satisfy most your heart, a man-child who shares your soul, heart, and yes, even your blood.  For the right man, you have held in abeyance the four winds down to this day and he, I believe, you have now discovered.  ‘Yehowahboam’… ‘The Man Who Stands In the Place of God’…Shiloh… the ‘Sword-King Over Heaven and Hell’.”  Tolohe’s eyes wandered as she described the man, her face blushing rose while two lips struggled to hold back a girlish smile.

Patting Tolohe’s leg, Ma-we stared into her eyes, squinting.  “The scent of a storm’s coming ever heralds upon the approaching breeze and a maiden swoons at the thoughts of her hero’s embrace.  Has my daughter been smitten by the breeze that tells of a coming man who is but still a child?  Does her heart yearn for love from a hero yet to prove himself?  I detect feelings of love hidden in the music of your words.  Love… such a dangerous possession for the heart to contain while the stallion is yet running the plain, unbridled.”

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