Friday, September 19, 2014

3-074, Horrible Destruction

“So here is the dilemma: should Michael be captured, or should her body be found as though dead upon the field, your brother will demand it be sent to him, there to be desecrated in most horrible ways.  Once it is discovered she possesses an indestructible mind and heart, and when it is seen that, by the very hidden energy of the universe, the woman’s body would regenerate back to health, think of the tortures he will heap upon her until her rescue was secured.  Then think, also, of the countless number of my children who will perish in fire and destruction attempting that rescue.”

A visible shudder ran down Tolohe’s back.  “What, then, is my part in securing freedom from such a fate for this child?”

Ma-we’s answer was quick and sharp.  “You must stop her from such folly!  Whatever the cost, keep her safe!”

Tolohe shrugged in wonder, her arms outstretched with question.  “How?!  To her has all authority been given.  She rules as King, Lord, Master over all living things.  Yes, I am older than she, and my witching powers are far, far, greater, but what authority do I possess that will make her subject to me?”

Ma-we, too, shrugged but all so casually.  “Then I will have to gift you with greater authority...”

A blinding light flashed across the room.  Tolohe cried out in surprise and pain as a fire-like ache exploded in her right hand, racing up her arm.  When her eyes could again focus, why there, shining every color of the gemstone world, rested a signet ring that, when the runes were translated, read ‘Yehowahboam’.

Tolohe was stunned, speechless.  She struggled for words while fighting back welling emotions growing in her breast.

Ma-we broke the silence, pointing.  “That, my Dear, should satisfy your needs.  Being the King’s signet ring, no one will question the steward wielding its power.  And power it does have, enough to rule successfully over this universe… all universes.”

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