Friday, September 19, 2014

3-073, A World Stormed Ablaze

“In the middle of this maelstrom I have set my child, Michael.  She will gather the storm and set the forest ablaze.  Her hand will decide the time that this world shall die.  But I have set up a protection for this child, should she listen to its wise council…which I doubt.  The girl is reckless, unpredictable - a quality I will soon be using to my advantage – she will little tolerate the back seat when the cry for blood rents the air.”

“The crown and kingdom I have saddled her with will force my child to stand the throne while the world goes mad around her.  But she is feisty and, if pushed, will enter the battle of war craft.  This is something that must not be allowed, at all costs.  I cannot afford her capture and enslavement.”

Tolohe stopped her mother, asking, surprised, “I know you choose your words carefully.  Why do you speak of her capture and not her death as being the worst of calamities?”

Ma-we glanced toward the door as though fearing the wind might carry away secrets to listening ears.  She softly answered, “She cannot die...”

Aghast, Tolohe asked, “She has not yet passed into the worlds of the immortals, has she?!  It is still for a future day, is it not?!”

Tolohe’s excitement set the mood.  Ma-we relaxed.  “No.  No, she is not yet immortal, but she has been changed… as have a few of the others.  You see, her spirit cannot escape the girl’s flesh.  When Michael first returned from the realms below, I created a new body of flesh for her.  When she accepted her rightful place in my kingdom by taking the crown, I set it aflame, waking its power.  So, until the day she is gifted with immortality and is given authority over the spirit of the flesh, she is locked for good or ill in the body she now possesses.  And that body cannot be fully destroyed.”

“Thus is finally fulfilled the words of my prophets, ‘death, where is your glory for you have been made subject even to me.’”

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