Friday, September 19, 2014

4-081, Underworld's Beast Lives

“By the gods!”  The first guard wailed, jabbing his spear toward the hog pens.

A black shape slowly emerged out of the darkness, as if rising out of the very filth of the ground.  It wobbled straight for the two guards.

Hobbling and weaving from side to side, a hunched-backed, two-legged ‘beast from the underworld’ made straight for the pen’s gate, all the time cackling and cursing its complaints for need of food and then declaring it ‘wasn’t hungry’.  The foul creature was forced to stop at the gate, it being tied shut.  It let out vile curses and oaths, damning the worlds of the living and the dead, finally muttering, “Sees if I shares my feasts with them again.” And then it became silent.

A hand almost as black as the creature’s ragged robe poked out of a fold and, reaching up, untied the rope.  As the gate slowly creaked opened, a mouth hidden by a faceless hood cooed with a hissing cackle, “He said they would be pretty… he did say… he did.”  The creature laughed.  “They are pretty… they are… they are.  He said they would be fresh and juicy… he did…”

The creature then fussed in disgust, “But I don’t like fresh!  I don’t like fresh!  I like ripe… sweet… soft… and ripe.”  It made a smacking sound and started toward the two guards.

“Stop there!  Stop there!”  The guards yelled, shaking so badly they had trouble holding their spears.

The putrid creature hidden in stinking rags halted.  Lifting its head as if to examine them, it indignantly threatened, “Master said you would be nice boys… yes… he said it.  He said you would be good to me…” adding with a bitter hiss, “not like the others.  They were bad, bad little boys...”

The creature cautiously looked around, making sure they were alone.  When it was comfortable that ‘whatever’ wasn’t there, it lowered its voice and laughed, “but they was tasty… soft and tasty.”  More smacking sounds filled the chilly air.

“Get back, you devil!  Get back!  I’ll stick you!  I will! I will!”  The second guard’s spear was shaking so violently it nearly fell from his hands.

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