Friday, September 19, 2014

4-082, A Golden Revealation

The creature hissed back, “Yes… yes… you know me?  That’s good!  My lord said you would… yes… yes he did.”  The voice changed to that of a waffie on the take.  “He said you like money.  I have money, good money.  Not to hurt the pretty boys, he said…  I have money.”

A hand poked out of a fold in the ragged robes, this time with a little leather pouch.  Another hand reached out, its fingers rummaging into it.  Two coins presently appeared, the silver glinting in the cold starlight.  They were thrown on the ground near the guards, who jumped back in fright.

The creature became silent, patiently waiting for the guards to respond.  They cautiously eyed the smelly creature, occasionally glancing at the two shiny objects near their feet.  “Get a light!” The second guard ordered.

The first guard backed away, opened the prison door and reached in, taking a half-burning torch from the wall.  Holding it at arm’s length, he looked toward the creature, but could see only shadows under the hood.  He then stared at the two stater coins tossed on the muddy bricks - nearly a week’s pay for each man.

The creature laughed, slowly rocking from side to side with glee.  “My master says there’s more, yes more, but I must do Master’s will first.”

Holding his spear high, just in case, the second guard reached down and picked up the coins.  After studying them in the torchlight, he exclaimed, “They’re real!  Look!”  He handed one to the other guard.

Hefting the coin and then rubbing it between his finger and thumb, he thought for a minute.  Eyeing the creature with caution, the second guard finally asked, “What do you want?”

Shuffling closer, until threatened again, the creature leaned forward and just above a whisper, hissed, “You have a man in there.  He makes fun of the gods… he makes fun of Master.  Master is unhappy. Sends me to talk to foolish man.”

“And what is his name?”  The second guard asked suspiciously.

The creature laughed.  “We call him ‘Talker’, because he does not know how to shut up.  But others call him, sh… sh…” It nervously held its hand up to the faceless opening and, first letting go with more curses and oaths, whispered as if in pain, “Cee...phasss..”

“Who?!”  The guards howled, pointing their spears as they did.

The second guard stepped forward, shouting, “Be off with you, you…whatever you are!  Take your money and go away!”  He threw his coin at the creature.

The creature howled in anger and turned to leave.  It had only taken a step when it cried in pain and fell back.  It began wailing, “No, please, not my fault!  Not my fault!”

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