Friday, September 19, 2014

4-084, Creature Curses w/Thirteen (13)

The creature halted, whining, “You asked!  You asked me!  How much money?  How much pretty, shiny, money?”

“Tell us!  Tell us how much.”  The second guard shouted, his voice belying his fear.

Excitement grew in the creature’s shrill voice.  “I will show you! …  Good boys.  He said you are nice little boys…  Not to hurt good little boys.  He said to be nice.”  It pleaded its sincerity.  “Master says to be nice to little boys…  I will, I will…  Please, see my money.  Master says see it.”

As the creature silently swayed from side to side, the guards could see clouds of steam escape from under the hood.  Finally, the second guard told the first to move closer to see the money.

“Why me!?”  Cried the first, clutching his spear tighter  “It may attack me!”

The second reassured him.  “I’l hold the point of my spear in its face and keep the torch high.  If it tries somthin’…  I’l… stick it.”  Then turning to the creature, he bravely demanded, “No tricks!”

The creature cowered, lifting its arms for protection, the leather pouch swinging in its hand.  “Don’t hurt me.  Master said be good.  Little child is being good, very good.”  It shook its head. “Not hungry now, not now.  Promised I would be good, be good.”

The first guard hesitantly inched forward, stopping about arm’s length from the creature’s hood.  The stinky thing appeared so small at this distance.  How dangerous could it really be?  Courage started to build in the guard’s heart…

“Put your hand out!”  The creature hissed.

The guard jumped back, startled, his bravado dying before it could show itself.

“The hand! I say!  Put out your hand for the money, the pretty money.”

He wanted to bolt, but the second guard chided him for being a coward.  Very slowly, the man extended his hand, palm up, fearing giant fangs might rip it from his arm.  The little creature croaked with delight, lifted the bag, and emptied its contents into the guard’s opened palm.

He jumped back quickly, staring at the coins in his hand.  The creature cackled with laughter.  “Good money.  Master said it is good money, pretty, shiny money.”

Wide-eyed, the two guards examined the coins.  There were eleven more silver stater coins, making a total of thirteen.

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