Friday, September 19, 2014

4-083, The Curse Of "Worms"?

Ranting on, failing its arms and postulating, it cursed the guards.  Suddenly, as if warding off a blow, it raised its hands and cried, begging for mercy.  “I tried!  You said they were nice boys.  You said they like money, money!”  It angrily howled, “They are not nice little boys, they do not like good money!”

With the same suddenness, the creature quieted and stretched forward.  “What?  Yes, yes they would.”  It giggled as it turned back toward the guards, asking, “But how?”  Then it cocked its head as though being whispered a reply.  There was a burst of laughter and, “Worms?  Yes, yes, worms.  It makes them tender, nice and tender.”

The guards listened, terror slowly growing within them, as the creature argued over what was to be done with them.  There were sounds of laughter, followed by, “Yes… yes… that is good.”

With disgust, the creature jumped back and fumed, “No!  Don’t burn them.  It tastes better cold and soft.”  There was a smacking sound again.  “Better for my mouth.”

The terrified guards cowered, pressing their bodies against the prison wall.

The creature moaned, bending low, like a dog seeking mercy from its master.  It whimpered, “Not good boys.  Don’t like money.  You said they would like money.”

It perked up and laughed, asking, “Leprosy?  Give them leprosy?”

Slowly, it turned its head toward the guards and let out with a laughing hiss.  “Yes, yes, worms, but first leprosy.  Bad little boys...”  It started to raise its arms and begin some kind of a chant.

An invisible hand reached out and grabbed the creature, snapping its head back and swinging it around.  Half-sobbing, it cackled,  “You said I could, you did, you did!”  Again it became quiet, as though listening to someone.

The creature began to argue.  “What?  More money?  But they don’t like it…!  What? Gold?  Gold money?  You will give bad boys gold?  Let’s eat them instead.  Eat them!”

Again the creature whimpered like a whipped dog, but soon quieted.  After what seemed ages to the guards, it shrugged, “All right.”

It turned and shuffled in their direction, stopping just outside spear-thrust range.  It cackled, “Master will give you gold money, good money… to good little boys.”  The creature rubbed its hands together, rolling one over the other.  “Yes he will, he said.  He promised.”

“How much money?”  The second guard asked, barely controlling his panic. “How much money do you give us?”

The creature laughed as it slowly bobbed up and down and from side to side.  It turned its head away from the guards.  “Good boys, good little boys.  You said they would like the pretty money.  Yes, yes you did.”  It turned back and started to shuffle forward.

“Stop there!”  Both men yelled, dropping their spear points in front of the open hood.

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